Friday, January 4, 2013 1 comments

This and that

As I promised, here's a bunch of cards I've made in the last couple of months.

Firstly a wedding card. 
Made to match couple's invitation with a pocket for a little gift :)
Next a pretty simple card for Father's Day.
The idea and basic templates came from DoCrafts Creativity magazine, the design slightly modified by me.
Here's a little gift I've made for my cousin birthday. Didn't want to send her just a simple card (she was sending me so many pretty things from Holland, I just couldn't :)). The idea and tutorial for a little notebook came from this blog, I just modified it a bit to suit my project.

Here's how the inside looks like:
This was a card for my boyfriend's name's day. This croissant-things are something special eaten here for Saint Martin's Day. Wasn't able to buy him one (as the best I've ever eaten can be bought quite a long distance from where we live) so I decided to make him some. From paper and ink :)
And this is a card I'm quite proud of. 
It was my for my colleague's birthday. He's hobby is fishing and so I've made him a fishy card. Wanted to be special and funny and so I came up with an idea to give him a goldfish, so that he can make his three wishes.
The woody background was made thanks to the tutorial on StampTV. (
Quite similar idea I've used on another two cards. Though this time I've cut the background into little pieces and arranged it so they look a bit like a wooden floor. The idea for that came from this video
 This set of card will be going to my other to colleagues that made an amazing job in making my apartment pretty. They've work really hard for month or two so I guess they need a little thank you from me.

And that's all for now.
Till next time

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 0 comments

Blog break

I owe you a little explanation.
It's been quite a while seen I've last been here. But the last couple of months have been extremely busy for me.
Firstly I've bought a new flat, closer to my workplace.
Secondly the flat was in such state that it took us three months to make it liveable.
Then I needed to pack all my things and move out from home. And of course unpack them in my own place (hate that part).
Last but not least - I've gained a new roommate :)
Meet Sheldon - a four month old ragdoll kitten
It took us a while to learn how to live together, but it's perfect now :)

Now, this doesn't mean I've gave up on crafting. Never!
I've been crafting a little but I've totally lacked time to upload anything here.
To make it all out in the next post I'll put pictures of all so far omitted projects. Then I'll try to post more frequently.

Take care